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G4S Emergency Preparedness

Visitor Management

Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

Credential Authentication & Compliance

Securing your world through integrated solutions...

G4S provide a  cloud based platform providing  safety, security and risk management capabilities for the Financial Services sector and other organizations where safety and security are a priority. G4S offers cost effective compliance with internal and external regulatory controls.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Bring together emergency planning for your facilities with G4S Emergency Preparedness.

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Threat Vulnerability

Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

Measure and mitigate risk across all your facilities with G4S.

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Card Access Control

Credential Authentication & Compliance

Streamline the auditing of access rights across your entire enterprise

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See your facility administrator if you do not have an account on OneFacility

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Incident Management

Improve safety, enhance security, and reduces the risk and cost of security related incidents.

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Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Reduce queues, improve the visitor experience and increase security with G4S Visitor Management.

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Security Installation

Symmetry Connect

Facilitates the transition from legacy access control systems to Symmetry, gradually  over a period of time.

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Visitor Management video

Click below to look at the G4S Visitor Management video.

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Latest News From G4S


OneFacility - New Look Website

OneFacility launch a new look website focusing on the core product offerings.

Book a demo at ASIS 2013

The OneFacility team will be at ASIS this year on booth #724. We are currently scheduling in meetings and demos so contact us now at

G4S Technology announces release of Casi Rusco upgrade solution

G4S Technology has announced the immediate availability of a new Access Control product range which allows an easy upgrade from legacy Casi Rusco systems.

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Symmetry Connect

Symmetry Connect is designed to facilitate the transaction from legacy access control systems such as Casi Rusco Picture Perfect to Symmetry, gradually, over a period of time.

Credential Authentication & Compliance

G4S Credential Authentication & Compliance systems provide advanced tools for the administration of card access privileges. Unlike other card access systems, our software makes use of advanced integration with other OneFacility solutions.OneFacility Card Access Control systems provide advanced tools for the administration of card access privileges. Unlike other card access systems, our software makes use of advanced integration with other OneFacility solutions.

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This group of systems exist simply to allow companies and the facilities they occupy to run more efficiently - mitigating risk, increasing safety and reducing operating costs. It offers a simple, tailored web-based solution developed through G4S's extensive knowledge of facilities, emergency planning, visitor management, access control and security systems, and how they, and the people that operate them, really work. The system gathers together a vast array of information and delivers smooth, seamless operations whatever the situation - single office or multisite - for any size organization. It can deliver practical solutions for security, safety, facilities and crisis management more quickly, making the running of a building easier and much more efficient.